5 - 6 Months

Kicking play helps your baby learn to roll

Your baby is figuring out that their legs and feet are parts of their body. When they kick, they start to understand that their body can create noise or movement. They are also building important neck strength by tucking their chin to look down at their legs and feet. This “chin tuck” helps build strength for rolling over from back to side, and then eventually from back to belly.

Here are some fun ideas for kicking play:

Baby laying on a blanket looking up at the balloons that are tied to their feet
In photo: Playthings from The Play Kits
  • Buy a couple of helium balloons and tie them loosely to your baby’s ankles
Baby laying on a rug with their feet kicking tissue paper hanging from the couch
  • Wedge the edge of some tissue paper under a couch cushion for your baby to kick
Baby laying on the carpet looking up at their feet that have rattle socks on
In photo: Play Socks from The Senser Play Kit
  • Put your baby on their back on the floor, with rattle socks on their feet, and show them how they can make crinkle or rattle noises by shaking their legs
Baby laying on their back in The Play Gym by Lovevery
In photo: The Play Gym
  • Place them on their back, with their feet over the Making Sounds flap of The Play Gym


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