9 - 10 Months

So simple, so fun! 5 new ideas for how to play with a blanket

Here are some new ideas for ways to play with a blanket:

Out of sight but still there

Use a blanket to help your baby learn that something or someone who disappears from sight still exists.

While your baby is watching, loosely wrap a toy in a blanket and see if they can manipulate the blanket to find it.

A new spin on peek-a-boo: cover your head with the blanket and say, “where am I?” Lean forward and see if your baby can pull the blanket off your head.

Some things change shape

You can also show your baby how soft things can change shape. Stuff the blanket into a container, such as a large bowl or basket, and see if they’re able to coordinate their hands to pull it out.

Blanket gets it closer

Try putting a favourite toy on top of the blanket, then show your baby how you can pull the blanket towards you to get the toy closer. See if your baby wants to pull the blanket with the toy on top on their own. Many babies start doing this between 8 and 10 months.

Go for a ride

Baby sitting on a swaddle being pulled on a wood floor

Give your baby a ride by having them balance on top of the blanket while you pull them gently across the floor. This is a great way for them to practice their balance while sitting up.

Play baby tug-of-war

See if your baby will pull on one end of the blanket as you gently pull on the other. You might need to show your baby how with a sibling or another adult. This game builds your baby’s balance and strength.


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