3 - 4 Months

We searched all over Pinterest for sensory tummy time ideas and got the best for you

This is a great time to mix up tummy time with some sensory play. Babies crave a lot of exposure to different sights, sounds, and textures.

Note: Always closely supervise your baby around small, chokable items, even if they are unlikely to mouth them at this age.

Your baby is just opening up their hands, but not yet putting things in their mouth. It’s the perfect time for new play ideas. You can expose them to new textures without worrying about them choking. We spent A LOT of time on Pinterest looking for inspiration 😉

Here are the best sensory play ideas for now:

  • Float the Wobbler or some balls in a pan of water on the floor
  • Put some fresh herbs on a baking sheet with your baby propped up on a pillow (see image above)
Baby doing tummy time while playing with a bag of ice cubes
In photo: The Play Gym
  • Fill a sturdy sealable bag with ice, and tape it to the floor
  • Put some dried pasta or beans on a tray


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