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Three is the “Year of Me,” a time when your child is gaining physical independence and beginning to learn that they are their own person. Their world is widening, opening up new possibilities that can be both exciting and daunting.

No longer a toddler, your child is eager to do things on their own, but they still need your help. There will be frustration, power struggles, and testing—but also meaningful moments of discovery, emerging independence, and self-realization. 

Age 3 is a period of major social and emotional growth. Your 3-year-old will need lots of help managing their big emotions. As they become more interested in playing with other children, they may struggle with interpersonal skills like sharing and taking turns.  

The Observer Play Kit can help you and your child navigate this important time of transition. The expertly curated, child-tested learning toys and books are designed to help your 3-year-old understand and process their emotions, practice social skills, plan their daily routines, and make new discoveries through open-ended play. 

Just like our other kits, The Observer comes with a Play Guide that features activities, developmental information, activities, and ideas to support your child’s growth through months 37, 38, and 39—and far beyond.

What’s Inside
The Observer Play Kit

Plan Ahead Weather Board

A visual and interactive tool to help your child take ownership of their everyday

Modular Playhouse

Let their imagination take the lead with components that nest, click, and switch into new designs

Wooden Playhouse Accessories

Act out more at-home scenes with a modular bed and stairs

Two-Seater Speedster

What adventures will the adult and baby peg people find?

Left & Right Shoe Stickers

Put the right foot forward with help from animal friends

Wooden Emotion Dolls

Learn to name emotions—the first step in social emotional learning

Emotion Book Set

Process feelings by connecting with characters in 3 stories

Get Started Guide

Visual instructions for the Modular Playhouse for your independent 3-year-old

Play Guide for Months 37, 38, 39

Play Guide for Months 37, 38, 39

Ways to play, expert tips, development information, and at-home activity ideas during months 37, 38, and 39


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