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Your 3-year-old loves to compare, organise, sort, and categorize—it’s their way of making sense of the world. When they were younger, they may have called all four-legged animals “dog” and anything circular “ball.” At age 3, their categorizations are getting more sophisticated, and they are likely beginning to notice differences in people.

Your child also may be starting to recognise numbers, patterns, sequences, and shapes. You can tell them that, just like stories and letters, maths and numbers are all around them. Before, they may have recited numbers in order without knowing what each one signified. Now, they are beginning to understand that each number represents a quantity that can be counted.

The playthings, books, and learning toys in The Problem Solver Play Kit support your 3-year-old’s desire to categorize, and the increasingly complex way they understand the world and their place in it. Use these educational tools to invite your child to measure, count, mix colours, learn about people, take turns, and more.

The Problem Solver is accompanied, as always, by our Play Guide. It contains all our research, some helpful tips to keep in mind as you navigate new changes, and more at-home activity ideas.

What’s Inside
The Problem Solver Play Kit

Turtle Hatch Game

Practice taking turns with a fun and collaborative board game

Maths Bars & Number Tiles Inspired by Montessori

Build maths fundamentals visually with concrete objects to count, line up, and compare

Number Sense Nature Counters

Number Sense Nature Counters

Learn to count with 55 counters in 10 animal and nature characters

Size It Up Measuring Tape

Made just for them with a soft pull tab, push bottom, and exposure to both cm and in

Wooden Wobble Puzzle

Solve a STEM puzzle in three dimensions

Liquid Colour Lab

Experiment with self-directed colour blending with 6 test tubes, 2 water droppers, a bamboo towel set, and plenty of colour tablets

‘Uncle Rob’s Pizza Party’ Book

A story featuring a loved one with a disability to help your child understand differences

Get Started Guide

Visual instructions for the Maths Bars & Number Tiles Inspired by Montessori and Number Sense Nature Counters for your independent 3-year-old

Play Guide for Months 43, 44, 45

Play Guide for Months 43, 44, 45

Ways to play, expert tips, development information, and at-home activity ideas during months 43, 44, and 45


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