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It may seem sudden, but you have a 5-month-old! Babies at this age are experiencing huge changes, cognitively and with their fine and gross motor skills. Over the next two months, if they haven’t already, your child may experiment more with sitting, banging objects on surfaces, rolling over, and (of course) exploring everything with their hands and mouth. This is also the time when babbling starts—a major attempt at language! Babbling is those early consonants and vowels, like “ba” and “da,” often repeated.

The Senser Play Kit is all about these developments. Your baby’s love of pulling items out of containers is the reason we made the Magic Tissue Box, so your little one can methodically remove every “tissue” from the box without the waste or clean-up. The Tummy Time Wobbler is a great way to keep your baby working on tummy time, which is still critical even as your baby learns to sit and move in other ways.

As always, the Play Guide gives ideas on how to use the playthings, as well as immediately usable activities, tips, and bite-sized developmental information.

What’s Inside
The Senser Play Kit

Spinning Rainbow

Perfect for practising fine motor skills and reaching with both hands at once

Magic Tissue Box

Babies love to pull tissues out and put them back in as they explore containment

Magic Tissues

Linkable tissues for the tissue box that are also fun for peekaboo and mouthing

Organic Cotton Rainbow Ball

Easy-to-grasp design to help build dexterity and coordination

‘Parts of Me’ Book

Help your baby expand their vocabulary by learning the names of different parts of the body

Play Socks

You found your feet! Build leg strength and body control with these playful socks

Tummy Time Wobbler

Make tummy time more fun while building core muscle strength for crawling and walking

Play Guide for Months 5–6

Ways to play, expert tips, development information, and at-home activity ideas during months 5–6


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