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Welcome to The Analyst Play Kit for months 46-48

*The products in this video may vary from the European Play Kits. Please find the full list of European Playthings in this Kit below.

Your 3-year-old (almost 4!) is in the latter stages of what Montessori practitioners call the “sensitive period for small objects”, which means they love to play with, study, and manipulate little things. As a baby, they would inspect a piece of lint or a tiny bug; now, they’ll want to figure out where a small toy fits, what it feels like, and how they can play with it. 

As your child’s fine motor skills become more complex and precise, they’re also becoming more resilient, independent, and focused. The learning toys in The Analyst Play Kit support your child’s interest in using their hands to accomplish real-life tasks. Your child will sew, measure, pour, guess the textures of different objects by touch, and even start to follow basic visual instructions. 

We encourage you to explore the Play Guide for expert-backed tips, fun at-home activities, and month-by-month support. Every page helps you make the most of at-home learning and your time together.

What’s Inside
The Analyst Play Kit

Sensory Box Inpsired by Montessori

Build discernment skills with a tactile guessing game

Pattern Match Boats & Cards Set

Translate 2D pictures into 3D objects—all while having fun!

Stackable Fraction Cups

Understand parts of a whole and fractions with nesting measuring cups made for little hands

Visual Recipe Cards

Your little chef with take the lead with easy-to-follow instructions for granola, fruit parfaits, and pancakes

Colour Theory Puzzle

Take cues from rainbow hues to solve a unique puzzle

First Sewing Kit

Build fine motor skills for handwriting with a Montessori-inspired activity

‘Quarter, Half, and Whole’ Book

Get comfortable with maths concepts with a fun story about baking with family

Get Started Guide

Visual instructions for the First Sewing Kit for your independent 3-year-old

Play Guide for Months 46, 47, 48

Play Guide for Months 46, 47, 48

Ways to play, expert tips, development information, and at-home activity ideas during months 46, 47, and 48


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