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See for yourself what people have to say about Lovevery—there’s plenty! Explore the most recent reviews from our customers for all Lovevery items. Or, if you’re looking to check out reviews for specific items, you can do so by heading over to The Play KitsThe Play Gym or The Block Set to discover reviews about each.

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More than just a box of toys

Inside each Lovevery Play Kit you’ll find peace of mind knowing you’re giving your child the right toys, at the right time. Our Playthings, expert tips, and activities are designed for purposeful play at every stage.

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Child using the Squeaky Clean Squeegee Set from The Enthusiast Play KitChild holding the Wooden Emotion Dolls from The Observer Play KitChild and mother playing with the Drop & Match Dot Catcher from The Helper Play KitBaby with the Rolling Bell from The Charmer Play KitSiblings playing with toys from LoveveryChild with playthings from The Babbler Play KitSiblings playing with the Super Sustainable Sink from The Helper Play KitChild playing with toys from Lovevery

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