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Welcome to The Storyteller Play Kit for months 40-42

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At age 3, most children understand the basics of storytelling—how to create and organize a sequence of events around characters. At first, they learn to chronicle life experiences, such as a trip to the doctor. Creative storytelling typically comes next. 

Encouraging your 3-year-old to tell stories is one of the best things you can do to promote: 

  • brain development
  • language skills
  • emotional intelligence
  • social awareness
  • self-expression
  • creativity 

Inside our Storyteller Play Kit, you’ll find a Puppet Theatre and Puppet Set designed to help spark your child’s imagination and bring their tales to life. Made for 3-year-old hands, the Squeeze & Spray Mop can be used for Montessori practical life activities that improve coordination, independence, and a sense of responsibility. 

Be sure to check out Play Guide, which is filled with developmental insight and ideas to help you make the most of your child’s new learning toys—along with fun DIY activities including self-portraits, obstacle courses, and much more.

What’s Inside
The Storyteller Play Kit

Easy Connect Fort Set

Easy Connect Fort Set

24 dowels, 8 corner brackets, 12 sleeves, and 6 clips to create endless combinations for pretend play

Puppet Theatre & Fort Covers

Create a cosy space for your child—or put on a show! (Shown with Easy Connect Fort Set)

Storytelling Puppet Set With Changing Emotion Eyes

Explore emotions through play

Squeeze & Spray Mop

Just like the adults—and sized just right to fit their hands and height

Counting Puzzle

Discover that numbers can be represented in multiple ways with this two-sided board

‘Adela Comes Home’ Board Book

A touching coming-of-age story that explores the meaning of home

Get Started Guide

Visual instructions for the Easy Connect Fort Set for your independent 3-year-old

Play Guide for Months 40, 41, 42

Ways to play, expert tips, development information, and at-home activity ideas during months 40, 41, and 42

Play Guide for Months 40, 41, 42


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